Local Second Chance Checking Account Banks

Are you one of the 40 million Americans in the ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Services database? Are you in need of a second chance checking account? Second Chance Checking Account provides you with a free state by state list of banks and credit unions that may allow you to open a checking account in your town. Our goal is to help those individuals in need of a checking account get the information they need with out being scammed or ripped off. Our free list of non ChexSystems banks has been researched and is one of the most reliable (as well as original) list of non ChexSystems banks available online from the oldest second chance checking resource online.

ATTENTION – There are lots of scams and empty promises from sites that are selling you the same list of banks we are giving away for free. Do not pay for a list of FDIC insured non ChexSystems banks! This web site was created to help the many Americans in need of second chance checking with free unbiased information.

Guaranteed Accounts – Best Deals Available

We can not guarantee that any bank or credit union will provide you with a checking account, however there are options that are 100% guaranteed (as long as you provide the needed information to open the account), are FDIC insured like local banks, and provide the features you need such as online bill pay, check writing privileges and more. You get all the features of a local bank or credit union, without the embarrassment of denial if your listed in ChexSystems or Early Warning Services. This is why prepaid cards are the perfect banking alternative.

Account Now – Best Banking Alternative Available

Account Now is simply the best available banking alternative available, bar none! The low monthly fee and the awesome features such as FDIC Insured (like your neighborhood bank), no junk fees, online bill pay and 100% guarantee approval (just provide required ID and application information), you simply can not beat the Account Now as your banking alternative.

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The banks we have available in our free directory have been reported as being ChexSystems and Early Warning Services friendly and either do not use one of these account verification services or offer specific accounts for those who have past banking problems and issues. In the case that the banks offers a specific type of fresh start or second chance account, you will need to ensure that all money owed is payed to all banks owed. They will be checking and will more than likely deny an applicant who still owes money to banks.

ATTENTION – If you are applying at a bank that does not offer specific accounts for those with banking problems, it is very important to be careful with your statements to the bank representative as these banks may not use an account verification services. Please remember not to mention this web site, second chance checking, non ChexSystems banks, Early Warning Services or having a problem with banking in the past. Doing so may set off warnings with the bank representative who does not normally use account verification services such as ChexSytems or Early Warning Services and may cause you to be denied an account when you may have been able to get one other wise.

IMPORTANT – Before applying for an account at any bank, it is important to know where you stand and what your ChexSystems report says about you. You are entitled to one free copy of your ChexSystems report every year and you can get access to that report by clicking here and following the directions. Get your report here (link opens in a new window).

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